One year – two schools – read about the two schools here

August – December in Utrecht

Students begin in Utrecht with a period of five months  looking into  European Institutions, European politics, European history, environmental policy  and international and regional economics. The theoretical basis is supplemented by our news website Reporting Europe. This is the production platform for journalism assignments that make up the major part of the examination.

We will end the Utrecht semester with a weeklong multimedia journalism workshop in January.

Attending the midday briefing in the Berlaymont Building.

Working with students from Rotterdam in a project on sustainability.

A seminar in November concentrates on the role of the European Commission and the Parliament. Students will discuss the European Union with correspondents and lobbyists in Brussels. Other excursions go to Rotterdam and the Ruhr area in Germany.

Non native speakers will get assistance in writing articles in English.


January – June in Aarhus

After the foundation courses in Utrecht students move on to Aarhus to a more journalistic and world focus. The perspective of the academic part of the programme becomes wider to cover world politics and foreign affairs. This gives input for new challenges to students’ journalistic skills with the production of the magazine Euroviews. The magazine has every year a new current policy theme. Students travel to different parts of Europe to report for the Magazine, and are challenged as  researchers and correspondents on covering foreign policy.

See trailer or the full documentary for an exam project from Cyprus; the project was broadcast on Swedish TV4.


The year is concluded with a major independent assignment where students are coached to produce a major piece of journalism on Europe and the World. The final exam project is defended by the student at an oral exam with international editors and teachers taking part as examiners.

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