Photos of the students of the 2017-2018 EITW class:


Photo Credit: Nicole Proano



Photos of the students of the 2015-2016 EITW class:

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Below: the students of the 2014-2015 EITW class – graduated in June 2015:

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Maria Danmark, Denmark
I’m Maria Danmark and one of the oldies in this course – 24 years old. As my name quickly gives away, I am from Denmark, born and raised here. However, in the last two years, I have only lived here “part-time”, while I did an internship in Myanmar for six months and also travelled to the Netherlands for this course. I love living abroad, which is some of the reason for me to have chosen “Europe in the World”. Another reason is my interest for the European Union and here we can be as much nerds as we want. After I’m done with my journalism degree, hopefully this summer, I plan to take a master, preferably abroad.”

Killian Gallagher-Mundy, United Kingdom
Having being born in a country that is best friends with America, as an Englishman I never had to worry much about politics until I discovered what was really going on. As a journalist and eager learner, Europe In The World gives you the battlefield to travel, learn about the political landscape of the world, untangle the European Union (and its twenty seven members), figure out why Putin’s annoyed everyone all while asking where has all the money gone? I hope to visit war-torn countries in the future as I try to do a Hunter S. Thompson and report it how it is.

Zhuliyana Boyanova, Bulgaria
I am Bulgarian-born third-year journalism student at City University London. I came to Europe in the World with the idea to improve my knowledge on European politics and economics and polish my journalistic skills. My previous experiences include being a reporter for my home university media platforms as well as blogging for Euronews. I am currently looking forward to go to Italy where I will volunteer at the IFJ, but also to be part of Sky News media team during 2015 General elections in the UK.

Coen van de Ven, The Netherlands
Since I started reading newspapers at the age of fourteen, I’ve always been passionated about politics, socioeconomics and the way people form their society. In combination with a critical mind and a love for debate, journalism was the obvious choice.

Besides writing, I strive to combine cutting-edge technics and design with my own profession journalism. This resulted in the creation of NewPaper, a company where we help different media-organisations to tell their stories in an innovative way.

Gabriele Dellisanti, Italy
I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and moved to London when I was 18 to study International Politics. I moved to the UK with the aim to become a political and travel journalist, therefore decided to have a broad knowledge of global politics and international relations before moving to practical Journalism.

I got the chance to join Europe in the World before finishing my bachelor and it has been truly educational and inspiring. I have learnt the real basics of journalism, from pitching articles in class to contacting sources for my works. As the course also focuses on European and International politics, it was a great opportunity to increase and mix my previous knowledge to journalism practical work.


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Olivia Kortas, Germany
I am studying Communication Science and Media Research and Psychology at the LMU in Munich, Germany. During my studies, I’ve worked for two PR agencies and I’ve written for onesprime, a online magazine with focus on literature and arts in Munich. Up to now, I am writing pieces for lichtung, a Bavarian culture and politics magazine. After EitW, I will finish my 18 month long traineeship at the local newspaper Passauer Neue Presse.

Tomas van der Heijden, The Netherlands
Hi there, my name’s Tomas van der Heijden (20), and I’m from the amazing country where the first five legendary months of Europe in the World take place: the Netherlands. Back in the days, when I was an eight-year-old with too much energy, I had already outlined my future. I would be a biologist, car designer and vet. Having no idea how to combine all these professions, I figured out that my all-time dream was to run and scream along Steve Irwin, the rather infamous Crocodile Hunter. That all stopped quite abruptly when he got stung by a stingray and died. Since more than five years, I’m greatly interested in (journalistic) writing and photography, which I both practice a lot. With Europe in the World I hope to achieve a greater understanding of how Europe works and in what way power blocks influence each other. 

Karim Al Amin, Lebanon
I am Karim from Lebanon. I am a 22-year-old journalism student. I study communications at the American University of Beirut and I have been on exchange for almost 3 semesters now. When I started my studies, I never thought that I would ever live in Europe, let alone learn so much about the EU. After a semester of multimedia and world politics at the Danish school of journalism, I am back to the same school for Europe in the World. One more European semester, and I plan to make the most out of it.

Jiri Haanen, The Netherlands
Please allow me to not introduce myself. I reckon you already read my name in the line above. I applied for the Europe in the World program, because I wanted to have an interesting last year before finishing my bachelor. I like to write, I like to develop knowledge in every field possible and I like the great student experience that develops when you are in a class filled with the great writers and journalist of the future. At least, that is what we would like to believe. Another great passion of mine is the guitar, a piece of wood with strings on it that nonetheless has kept me fascinated over the last six years of my life and will continue to do that. This international year to me is also about contemplating on ways to combine playing loads of music with solid journalism writing and travelling. I trust it will all work out. There is nothing left to say but this: work hard, party hard and enjoy the rich experience of studying in two countries!

Esben Pejstrup-Pedersen, Denmark
After studying at the Danish School of Media and Journalism and completing some internships, I joined EitW to gain more experience on international journalism. Thus far I have not been disappointed, and combining theoretical classes with the opportunity of doing actual journalism have been exactly what I hoped for.


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Maria Mercedes Robles, Spain
Hiiii! My name is Maria Mercedes Robles and I’m from Spain I study Journalism and International Relations in Madrid and art, culture and writing are my passion. I’m a curious person and I wanted to choose a profession who will allow me to learn and discover things every day. Europe in the world make possible to understand what is happening around us, and most important to learn how to communicate as journalist and drive my enthusiasm toward it. 

Brady Link, The United States
I am a third year student from Northern California studying broadcasting and electronic communications in San Francisco. After the spring semester is finished in Denmark, I plan on returning to SF for the school year to receive my bachelor’s degree.

I entered this program with very little knowledge of the European Union and no knowledge of journalism. Just after one semester, I have already learned so much useful information. With the help of the teachers and fellow students, EITW has been a very enlightening experience so far. I have really enjoyed getting to know students from all over the world in the two great cities this program takes place in.

Christine Forsberg, Norway
My name is Christine Forsberg, I am twenty two years old and I was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. I am doing my bachelors degree at City University London and has previously done a foundation course in radio and TV journalism in Norway. I am pursuing a career in broadcast journalism and would love to work as a correspondent in London or New York. I like covering a lot of different topics and is interested in everything from politics to fashion.

Rikke Mathiassen, Denmark
I’m 25 years old and from Vejle in Denmark. I specialise in TV journalism, which I study at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen.

During my studies I worked 18 months as an intern at ‘DR’, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, where I produced news pieces for national TV and Radio. Last summer a classmate and I received a scholarship from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and spent three weeks producing a short documentary dealing with girls’ rights in a small village in Rajasthan, India.