Around 500 students have acquired a recognized EitW certificate, often in addition to their bachelor diploma in journalism. From 2015 the global perspective is broadened in cooperation with two Australian universities. 

The course offers an international outlook, focusing on journalism. However, former students are employed both within the more traditional journalism sector as newspapers, broadcasting or freelancers, but others have also found work within the European Commission and communication bureaus, just to mention some of your future career possibilities.

Watch the video above to hear what our 2018 graduates see as reasons to join EitW. Featured in the video are alumni Maria Luisa Lopez (Tenerife, Spain), Nicole Proano (Montreal, Canada), Megan Birot (Brisbane, Australia),  April McLennan (Hobart, Tasmania), Paula Cámara Esteban (Zaragoza, Spain), Amina McCauley (Hobart, Tasmania) and Jeppe Bjerre Trans (Aarhus, Denmark).


“Europe in the World played a crucial role in where I have to come to be. My studies in 2016/17 increased my knowledge of European and global affairs and then allowed me to utilise my new skills through practice-led learning. Being encouraged to hit the ground and find the stories furthered these skills and made me even more motivated to make journalism my career. The group environment was supportive and enhanced my editing and feedback ability that I continue to use in my work daily. Europe in the World not only gave me incredible memories and lifelong friends but cemented journalism as a passion and a profession.”


  • Marisa Lopez (Spain)
  • Europe in the World 2017-2018

”If you want to study EITW, never think that you can’t do it. Just say “go ahead, I will be able”, and by the end of the year, you will realize that you can be successful.”




“Europe in the World has helped me become the journalist I am right now. The programme has provided me with in-depth knowledge on European and international affairs, which I regularly draw on in my everyday work. Thanks to Europe in the World, I now call EU politics one of my areas of expertise. What is more, the programme has taught me how to plan and execute international research trips and work for international media. And most importantly, it has provided me with friends and professional contacts in the whole of Europe and beyond.”


  • Anne-Laure de Chalup (France)
  • Europe in the World 2016-2017

“EITW is a family, tight with the same passion. We grew up together during the year, both as professionals and as individuals. The adventures we lived together were the most exciting ways to experiment reporting abroad, a revelation to me!”


“Europe in the World was the best year of my life. It’s an extremely challenging and rewarding course that teaches you how to work independently as a journalist – even in countries you have never visited before. You are surrounded by and work with talented journalists from all over the world and that environment allows you to produce your most creative and ambitious work. The friendships you make are timeless. There are so many things to take away that will be instrumental in your career for years – the ability to shoot, edit, and produce material abroad, the ambition to pursue big players and big stories, and the confidence to work both as a lone journalist and in a team. Everything I’ve learned about journalism, I owe to this course – and I know that I wouldn’t have joined the World Service without it. I would do it ten times over if I could!”


  • Kasper C. Goethals (Belgium)
  • Europe in the World 2014-2015

“New students should join because Europe in the world is a great place to discover different European cultures, meet ambitious aspiring journalists and take your first steps in professional cross-border reporting. And to fall in love, travel and have fun of course!”


  • Bram Peeters (The Netherlands)
  • Europe in the World 2000-2001
  • Current occupation: Coordinator of the Europe in the World class Reporting Europe newsroom | Senior editor of the Clingendael Spectator, an online magazine on international relations

“Europe in the World is without a doubt the best education I ever have received. Tough subjects such as European politics and economics became interesting thanks to skilled teachers and fascinating field trips where the combination of knowledge and fun caused unforgettable moments. During the programme I learned to dig deep into complex matters, but still find the one story that will interest the reader. For me, the course paid off soon as I could sell my final exam stories about Chernobyl to both Dutch and Danish newspapers, thanks to my Danish classmate with whom I went to Ukraine. In that way, EitW jumpstarted my career as a freelance journalist with a focus on international reporting. In the ten years after the programme, I travelled to the US, Latin-America, South-Africa, Israel and many European countries to write reportages (some even award-winning) for magazines and newspapers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and South-Africa.”


  • Emil Staulund Larsen (Denmark)
  • Europe in the World 2016-2017
  • Current occupation: Mundus Master student in Journalism, Media and Globalisation at Universiteit van Amsterdam | Freelance journalist | Journalist at Magasinet Europa
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“EitW gave me a taste of the life as a correspondent and a gentle push in that direction with amazing reporting opportunities, the possibility to write stories that I could sell as a freelancer and the beginning of many friendships and a great network across Europe.”


  • Esben Pejstrup-Pedersen (Denmark)
  • Europe in the World 2014-2015

“Professionally Eitw gives you the international perspective and skills needed for working across borders in a way few other journalist courses will do. On top of that comes the network of friends you get all over Europe (and the world), which makes it a lasting experience.”


“I’ve always dreamed of pursuing an international career and Europe in the World gave me not only the intellectual means to do so, but also confidence and motivation. The amazing experience I had both in Utrecht and in Aarhus was essential to my decision to work as a freelancer in Europe. Since then, I’ve lived in four European countries and I’ve been collaborating to several publications in Brazil and in Europe. EitW gave me a broad view of Europe, tools to better understand its particularities and to dive into investigative stories. It made me the international reporter I am today.”


  • Evan Przesiecki (Canada)
  • Europe in the World 2014-2015

“Europe in the World gave me the unique opportunity to live and experience two different countries and make lifelong friendships with people from all over the world. Being from Canada, it gave me a solid introduction to European affairs and, without a doubt, gave me some of the best travel experiences of my life. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat to any aspiring international journalists.”


  • Kinia Romanowska (Canada)
  • Europe in the World
  • Current occupation: Senior Communications Advisor, Alberta Health Services / Founder and executive director, Pros&Babes
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“Critical thinking, perspective, political acumen, and a deep curiosity for original and collaborative solutions to complex problems: EitW helped me cultivate these skills, which have served me at every stage of my career so far; first, in cultural and investigative journalism for a few years, and now, in communications and healthcare.”


“For me Europe in the World was an amazing training ground for international journalism. It wasn’t only the first time that I worked completely in English, which is not my mother tongue, also during this amazing programme I made my first steps as a freelancer. But besides enhancing my skills and learning new things I made friends for life, travelled around Europe and met a bunch of great and inspiring people all over our beautiful continent while chasing for good stories. To keep it short: If I would have the chance to apply for EitW again, I wouldn’t even have to think about it!”